Advice on my own affiliate program

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Advice on my own affiliate program

Post by masterful » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 10:22 am

Hi all, I'm in the process of doing the initial footwork of setting up an online ecommerce store which will sell a wide range of goods starting out with giftware and general knick knacks, moving into children s clothing and toys very soon after launch, and generally adding more and more products as we can.

I've been doing some hunting and see that oscommerce has an affiliate module you can add to the site. Has anyone used this before? is it accurate and does it record sales correctly? The last thing I would want is to short change the very people who will be making teh site a success!
I've always liked oscommerce for its ease of use so would like to use this software however are there better ones out there with affiliate modules?
Also does the oscommerce one record future sales of that customer for that affiliate? As I would like to include future sales to credit the affiliate who sent the customer there in the first place also.

What would be an appropriate commission to keep affiliates interested and sending traffic? I see most NZ affiliate sites are paying around 5-10% I was thinking around the 10% mark but also if I can have different percentages on different items then some up to 15% which would still allow enough of a mark up to cover costs and expand the store while still paying out the affiliate commissions and keeping everyone happy.

If you run your own affiliate program in the way of a webstore I would like to hear any feedback from you also. hints, tips, tricks, things I need to know that I might not already etc.
Any input would be appreciated.


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