New affiliate program idea

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New affiliate program idea

Post by mzalewski » Fri 15 Jun, 2007 10:27 am


Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum before :?

My partner is a full-time mum and has been for the last 5 years. We've found that trying to find her a part-time job is really difficult - childcare costs, even subsidised, are too high to make working full-time worthwhile and most part-time jobs don't have suitable hours and/or require recent relevant experience.
I can imagine this would be even harder for single parents.

After a while, we decided to research ways to make money online. We must have found hundreds of websites promising "thousands of dollars" - Most of these sites were confusing, required an existing website or only available overseas.

We decided to take what we had learnt and offer an affiliate solution to New Zealanders. We have compiled a list of companies offering affiliate programs, created a website, brainstormed ideas and ways to help other New Zealanders in the same (or similar) situation.

It is New Zealand-only. I believe this will be our biggest selling point. We want to enable New Zealanders to sell their products in every way possible, both online and offline. We want to provide our affiliates with articles, resources and support and build a team-based community where affiliates will encourage and help each other to succeed.

I want to hear your thoughts on this.


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Post by athlete12345 » Sun 29 Jul, 2007 8:44 am

I really like this idea. I think that other than this forum there are very few places that Kiwis can go for help.

New Zealand is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to affiliate marketing so this seems like a step in the right direction.

Have you got a link to your website? or is it not up and running yet.

Can't wait to see it
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Post by mzalewski » Wed 29 Aug, 2007 2:13 pm


Sorry, this project was put on hold for a while. I'm planning to start development of the website/applications tonight. I should have some kind of concept website up by the end of the week.

sky.bobi: not sure what you mean by your reply, but I assume it was a sarcastic one.

By reading through the existing messages in this forum, I get the impression that people are seeking a good affiliate program.
I originally posted here to see what everyone thought of the idea, and I will be going ahead with it whether I get a good response from this forum or not.

I know I've searched for months, looking at countless "work from home" websites, but could not find any that I believed were credible enough to invest my own time in. I've also looked at other affiliate programs, but these were more suited to people who already had a website and established a few clients.

I am now hoping we can fill in this gap - by offering regular home users, who don't have a lot of time, a way to earn money by selling products for other companies. We want to make this process as easy AND accessible as possible.

I will be going ahead with this idea, and I hope I can count on the NZ Affiliate community for support.

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Post by marketraise » Fri 12 Oct, 2007 1:14 am

No matter how tempting an affiliate program sounds,it cannot beat the stability and control that you can get from owing your own products.Businesses online that are build solely on affiliate programs are very risky and unstable.Hence to succeed in making a living online, you got to own some products which are under your control and also allows you to keep 100% of the profits for each sales.Owning your own products doesn't mean that you must create them yourself. There are many netpreneurs who buys quality master resale rights of products and resell them at 100% profits. They even create affiliates program in ClickBank and let other affiliate programs sell for them by giving them a share commission as high as 75%.In the long-run, if the odds are calculated, the real winners are the one's who own the affiliate programs. Most of the internet millionaires who claim to have earned millions on the web are actually affiliate program owners. Yes, you may make some money from joining affiliate programs but overall making a living online purely from affiliate programs is really a tough challenge.
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Post by mBUCKS » Fri 12 Feb, 2010 10:10 pm

have you got your website developed? if so, is there a link?


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Post by mymaterick » Sat 24 Apr, 2010 8:33 pm

Hi Guys
New to this site so a big HI from me.
I have a question, what have people found to be the best affiliate programs in little ole NZ?
There's the florist thing, I'm havin a go:

There's the adventure thing, I'm havin a go:

And last but not least the hotels thing, I'm havin a go: (still being built)

What else can we do that makes money, I am interested in hearing from more established Affiliate program builders, I am very new to this.

Any feedback is welcome.

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Post by dhalexp » Sat 06 Nov, 2010 5:11 pm

Yes, these were good ideas for starting affiliate program.

If you have any skill then you can also earn only being a freelancer.

There are lots of freelance website where you can find job, I am also doing the same.

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Post by doubleclick » Wed 16 Mar, 2011 8:38 am

dhalexp wrote:Yes, these were good ideas for starting affiliate program.

If you have any skill then you can also earn only being a freelancer.

There are lots of freelance website where you can find job, I am also doing the same.
Do you much from doing this?

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